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Do You Want A University Education?  




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Is A University Education Needed?


As a parent, there certainly is a responsibility to help our kids face the fact of the remainder of their lives.  When you consider that nearly all of them will continue to be living near the end of this 21st century, what can we suggest and/or recommend they do to prepare for their lives as they leave high school? Jenny Wright Knoxville Tennessee


Can we follow the tried and true route of suggesting they go to the university and hope they'll discover a career path that will lead them to their niche?

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Are they where they would like to be for the remainder of their lives career-wise?


From the perspective of the college nowadays there appears to be the pressure to move through to at least a Ph.D. if you're to have any hope of utilizing your qualifications when looking for work or a career.


No longer does it seem a bachelor's or master's degree signifies much of anything other than the preparation for even more time at the college.


How Should You Find Your Niche?


As a musician, I will admit here that I have a pile of prejudices or maybe call them understandings regarding what is needed if music will be your children's niche.


I'm very fortunate indeed to have had parents who encouraged me in whatever I wanted to do at the moment.  Dad actually felt that life was greatest when it was in pursuit of one's niche.  He firmly believed that everybody had a place in life where he belonged and the quest for that was exactly what life was around.  He also felt it was better to die questing than to stop and undermine before getting there.

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When You Know Your Niche


It's possible that you can discover the niche that's waiting through trial and error.  It could possibly be discovered at the university.  It might be discovered almost anywhere.


When you do believe you know where you would like to go surely the ideal thing would be to go that way full speed ahead.


As a musician, I'd never have managed to have a career if I hadn't gotten out and begun performing as soon as I was able.  If I'd remained in the college through to a Ph.D. I think then the only alternative I'd have had would have been to remain in academia and not pursue a performing career.


Can There Be A Time When You Have To Stop Being A Student?


Personally, I feel that the choices available for chasing one's goals are out there.  It can be private lessons or tutoring instead of a college course which may contain things not required or necessary.

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It's also possible that high school is sufficient of what's called education to prepare you for the remainder of your life.




Clearly, this is a long-winded topic and cannot be exhausted in a single article.  But, I am hoping that as either a parent or a student you will think carefully about what you actually need in order to attain your or their life's goals. visit my LinkedIn